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** Version française: Installation et configuration Windows sur Mac OS **


Table of Contents

Advice to users

Apple computers (Mac OS) are not recommended since some software may not work correctly. However, they could be used if a full Windows environment is installed, without guaranteeing full compatibility. These installations are incumbent and additional costs may be incurred.

**** HEC IT Help Desk does not offer these installation services. ****


For optimal performances, we recommend to have at least a MacBook Pro with at least 8Gb of memory (RAM) and at least 50Gb (gigabytes) of free space on your hard drive.

What is the Bac-Pack

During your progress at HEC Montréal, you could have to use software not compatible with Apple or Mac OS computers. Some examples: Microsoft Acces, Microsoft Visio, Ms Project or SAP Lumira.

Bac-Pack was created to help with this problem.

Bac-Pack is a virtual computer: it is like having Windows as a software on your Mac OS computer.

Bac-pack alternative

There are other ways to run Windows on a Mac OS computer. 

Another famous one is the Boot Camp technology. Visit Apple's website for information on this technology: Boot Camp - Official Apple support