Instructions for students – Exams with Zoom monitoring


  • On your course page is a Zoom link you will use to connect on the day of the exam.
  • The exam will be monitored by a teacher or a monitor.
  • The monitor may have photos of students to verify their identity during the exam without disturbing them.
  • The monitor will be discreet and take note of anything unusual. They may take screen shots if necessary. 
  • You can ask the monitor for assistance if you have any problems.
  • Even if the teacher is present during the exam, they will not answer any questions relating to the course or exam.


Make sure you have a functional camera that is connected to the computer on which you will be taking your exam. Refusal to open your camera will be treated as an unexcused absence and a grade of « 0 » will be assigned to the exam.


  • Make sure no one else in your household is using your Internet network, which could slow down your connection.
  • Use the same computer to take the exam and connect to Zoom (same IP address).  
  • Use your HEC account to connect. To begin, log in with your student number by going to before clicking the link to the Zoom session on your course page.
  • Have a photo ID with you. The monitor may ask you to confirm your identity. 
  • Be sure to have everything you will need so that you do not need to get up during the exam. 
  • Connect (with your HEC account) 10 minutes before the exam time using the Zoom link on your ZoneCours page (based on the first letter of your last name, if you see multiple links). 
  • To minimize distractions, you can shrink the Zoom window or pin the monitor’s video (under the three dots next to their name on the video) so as not to see the entire class. This will also use less Internet bandwidth. 
  • Your camera must be turned on and pointed at you at all times.
  • Your microphone must be muted at all times. 
  • Headphones are not allowed.
  • You can use a background image, but it must be plain and in good taste so as not to distract your classmates during the exam. 
  • You are allowed to use a second screen.
  • Do not mute the volume—you need to be able to hear any verbal instructions. 
  • If you need to get up or leave the screen, you must first notify the monitor using the chat/private chat feature. If there are any issues, notify the monitor using the chat/private chat feature.
  • If you have technical problems: 
    1. Try to reconnect to ZoneCours, then to your evaluation. If you are taking an exam in Test&Quiz, your answers will be saved, but make sure to reconnect quickly because the timer will keep running. 
    2. If you need help with the next steps, notify the monitor using the chat/private chat feature. 


  • Notify the monitor or your teacher that you are leaving by writing "I have finished and I am leaving” using the chat/private chat feature. Some teachers may ask you to stay until they have checked to make sure your file has been received.