Book a study room in self-service mode


Book a study room in self-service mode

Start by clicking on New booking on the left-hand sidebar of the room booking platform home page (red rectangle in the image).

The window below will open.


A. Choose the room type

Click on the Booking type bar and choose Study room.


If you wish to add specific criteria to your search (building, capacity, etc.), click on Room criteria.


A new window will open, where you can specify search criteria, including

  • The building in which you wish to book your study room

  • The building floor level

  • The Pavilion

  • Characteristics (wireless connectivity, green board, etc.)

  • Minimum capacity

  • Minimum area

Choose the room that meets your requirements and click on Apply



B. Select a time range and duration for your booking


Time range: Select a time range for your booking.

Duration: Indicate the precise duration of your booking.

Example: I would like to book a study room for 2 hours between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.


C. Select a date of your booking


Click on the date of your choice. A new window will open.


Select a start time for your booking.

The rooms matching your criteria will be displayed.


In addition to the information provided directly in this list, you can find additional information for a specific room by clicking on Room details.

Then click on the room of your choice. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click on Continue.


A confirmation window will open. You will need to indicate the number of participants before submitting your request.

A confirmation window will appear. You can now retrieve your booking by clicking on the My bookings tab in the left-hand menu.

Find, modify or delete your booking

You can access your booking by clicking on the My bookings tab in the left-hand menu.

When you click on your booking, your booking information will be displayed. You can then:

  • Change your booking

  • Cancel your booking

  • View your booking calendar