Book a space on the room booking platform


Spaces in self-service mode and spaces requiring approval

Several types of spaces are available for booking by staff and faculty members. Some can be booked in self-service mode, while others require approval.

Spaces available via self-service:

  • Workstations in the Hélène Desmarais building

  • Offices located in the Hélène Desmarais building

  • Study rooms available only to employees of a teaching department.

You can book a space requiring approval to hold your event at HEC Montréal, including:

  • Public rooms

  • Classrooms

  • Study rooms for anyone employed by a department other than the teaching departments

Pictograms indicate the type of room you have chosen when you go to the New booking tab in the left-hand menu.


Green hexagon: Spaces that can be booked directly.

Yellow hexagon: A booking request will be sent to the relevant departments, which will send you a confirmation of the booking.

Grey square: The space is not available on the dates indicated.


Find and book a space that meets your needs


Choose a well-equipped room of the right size

Accommodate the expected audience and offer the services you require (lunch, sound system, videoconferencing, projection, etc.). If necessary, you can book another room later, if attendance is lower than expected, for example. Conversely, if the audience is larger than expected, you can offer a simultaneous video broadcast. Attendance management lets you anticipate these situations.


Find a room on the room booking platform

Start by clicking on New booking on the left-hand sidebar of the room booking platform home page (red rectangle in the image).

The window below will open.



A. Choose the type of room

Click on the Room type bar and choose the type of space you wish to book (public room, classroom, etc.).

Add specific criteria to your search (building, capacity, etc.) by clicking on Room criteria.

A new window will open, where you can specify the criteria relevant to your search, including

  • The building in which you wish to book your study room

  • The building floor level

  • The pavilion

  • Characteristics (wireless connectivity, green board, etc.)

  • Minimum capacity

  • Minimum area

  • Choose the room that meets your requirements and click on Apply.



B. Select a time range and duration


Time range: Select a time range for your booking.

Duration: Enter the precise duration of your booking.

Example: I would like to book a classroom for 3 hours between noon and 6 p.m.


C. Select a date of your booking


Click on the date of your choice. A new window opens.

Select a start time for your booking.


The rooms matching your criteria are displayed.


In addition to the information provided directly in this list, you can find additional information for a specific room by clicking on Room details.

Then click on the room of your choice. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click on Continue.

A confirmation window will appear. Before you can submit your request, you must complete the required fields:

  • Number of participants

  • Department you work for

  • Type of activity

  • Any additional relevant information (optional).


A confirmation window will appear, stating that your request is awaiting approval. You can now retrieve your booking request by clicking on the My bookings tab in the left-hand menu.


Book a specific room

Vous connaissez déjà la salle que vous souhaitez réserver?

Commencez votre réservation en cliquant sur Nouvelle réservation située dans la barre latérale gauche depuis la page d’accueil de la plateforme de réservation de salles (rectangle rouge dans l’image).

Do you already know what room you want to book?

Start by clicking on New booking in the left-hand sidebar on the home page of the room booking platform (red rectangle in the image).


A. Choose the type of space for the room you wish to book

Click on the Room type bar and choose the type of space you wish to book (public room, classroom, etc.).

B. Find a room by entering additional criteria

By scrolling through the different features proposed in this section, you will be able to find the right room for your purposes.

Example: I want to book the CIBC room in the Côte-Sainte-Catherine building.

The CIBC room is located on the 1st floor, in the blue section of this building. To find it, fill in the following fields:

Then simply select the room and follow the steps described in the previous section.



Book a room on a recurring basis

Some staff members are able to book a room on a recurring basis.


Once you have clicked New booking to prepare your request and select a date, turn on the Recurring option to select the desired settings.


Daily recurrence

Choose the “daily” recurrence option and select how often under “Every N day(s)”. Select the number of occurrences or the end by date. Click “Occurrences” to view and edit the dates.

Example: Make a booking that recurs every 3 days and ends after 5 occurrences.


Note: The suggested dates start on January 1, 1970, because a date was not selected before displaying the recurrence settings.


Weekly recurrence

Select “Weekly” recurrence option and select under “Every N weeks”. Select the number of days per week, then select the number of occurrences or the end date. Click “Occurrences” to view and edit the dates.

Note that the date selected before the recurrence settings are displayed will be used as the start date of occurrences. However, occurrences will be based on the day(s) of the week selected.

Example: Make a room booking that recurs Mondays and Wednesdays every week for two weeks. Saturday, October 14 was selected on the calendar in the previous step.


Note: The platform only displays the dates October 16 and 18 because Saturday, October 14 was previously selected.


Monthly or annual recurrence

The same principle as before applies.


Edit occurrences

You can change the date of certain occurrences. For example, you want to reserve a study room for the next ten Mondays starting October 16, except Monday, October 23 is a holiday. Click the pencil to edit the date.



Finalize the reservation

Click Apply, then select a room.

Note: If no rooms are displayed, either the settings selected are not valid or you do not have access to recurring bookings.