Back-Pack Setup


Bac-Pack includes:

  • Windows 10.

    • You must activate this software.

  • Microsoft Office 365.

    • You must activate this software


  • SAP Lumira (trial version)


We recommend downloading all needed software before following the steps. Please double check your Internet Provider download limit: these files can add up to over 10 to 20 gigabytes of download.

Required downloads

  • The virtual computer main file:
    download the bacpackhec.ova file : here 

  • The virtual computer management software:
    Find it on the VirtualBox download site, choose OS X hosts

  • The virtual extensions software module
    On the VirtualBox downloads website, in the VirtualBox 6.x.xx Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack section, click All supported platforms

VirtualBox installation and virtual machine configuration

VirtualBox installation

You are now ready to install VirtualBox:

  1. Double-click on the "VirtualBox-6.X.XX-XXXXXX-OSX.dmg» file downloaded earlier

  2. In the window, click "1.Double click on this icon: virtualbox.pkg".

  3. Once installation is completed, click Continue:

  4. Click Install and then enter your computer password. HEC Montréal cannot help you find this code.

  5. The software is installing. Click Finish at the end.

  6. Your computer could warn you some security access must be given for VirtualBox to work properly. Click Open Security Preferences

    1. Once in the security settings, get to the Confidentiality tab

    2. Unlock settings by unlock the lock in the lower left corner.

    3. You must not check the boxes to allow VirtualBox in the Accessibility and Input surveillance sections. 

  7. Go back to the VirtualBox software

  8. VirtualBox is not installed.

Extension packs installation

  1. With VirtualBox running, go in Finder, Downloads and execute Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.X.XX.vbox-extpack

  2. In the new windows, Double click « Installation ». 

  3. You should see a window asking the confirmation of extensions installations: Click Install

  4. Scroll down the licence contract and Accept

  5. Enter your computer password (login password) to confirm installation

  6. Extensions are now installed.

  7. Set trackpad and USB

Import virtual machine in VirtualBox

  1. In VirtualBox, click File, then Import virtual machine

  2. Browse to find the bacpackhec.ova file your downloaded earlier

  3. Click Continue, then Import

  4. VirtualBox will now prepare the virtual machine import. This may take some time.

  5. Once import is completed, you will see it in the machine list. 

  6. Click Start to power one the virtual machine.

  7. On the first startup, VirtualBox may show some notifications:- First messageis warning you the virtual computer will 'capture' keyboard input. This is normal. Click OK
    - Second message will warn you of the same capture feature for your mouse or touchpad device, click Capture

  8. Once Windows as started, connect with the bacpack user / password.

  9. Once Windows is fully started, tap Control+Command to free your keyboard and mouse to be able to use your Mac system again.


Activating your Windows licence

HEC Montréal student get access to many Microsoft software through the Imagine program. Windows is included in this program.

Obtain a Windows activation serial number

Activate Windows

  • If it is not actually running, go and start VirtualBox and then the Windows virtual machine

  • Once in the virtual machine, go to the Start menu in the lower left corner and then go to Settings

  • In the settings go to Update & Security

  • In this menu, go to the Activation section

  • Click Change product key. Enter the serial number you got on Microsoft Azure earlier.

  • Once the key is entered, Windows will activated it automatically. Once activated, click Close


A reboot of the Windows system may be required.


Use the virtual machine

Il est recommandé de mettre hors-tension (éteindre) la machine virtuelle lorsqu'elle n'est pas utilisée. Les ressources (mémoire, puissance de calcul) sont ainsi libérées pour une meilleure performance de votre appareil Mac,

It is recommended to power off the virtual computer when you don't need it. Running the Windows virtual machine in background will use your computer ressources and will affect your computer's performance.

Start the virtual machine (Windows)

  • Open VirtualBox

  • Choose bacpack on the left column, click Start in the right section


Stop the virtual machine

Don't shut down your Mac computer while Windows is running. You could damage the Windows system.

To stop Windows once your work is done:

  • Get your mouse in the lower left corner of the screen

  • Open the Start menu

  • Click the Power button and choose Power off or Shutdown